Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We Rule Quests

Less than two weeks after Godfinger got a full reboot, ngmoco announces that it is doing the same with the We Rule online game replacing it with We Rule Quests [iPhone app] [iPad app].

If you try to open the We Rule app, you'll get a pop-up telling you to upgrade the app and then you'll be transported to the We Rule Quests page in the App Store to download it.

We Rule Quests adds a new layer of gameplay by going to your friends' kingdoms and getting their help to complete a quest.  I'm glad this has been added because compared with other ngmoco online games like We Farm and We City, We Rule has been getting stale.  It also utilizes buildings that rarely gets orders from advanced players, like the butcher shop, stables and the barn.  Here's a tutorial on how quests work.

Another thing I noticed is a couple of new tabs where you purchase new buildings, items and upgrade your castle.  There is an orange tab with a star where you can buy special buildings and items for a limited time.  A pink tab with a trophy is where you can collect your reward for completing quests.

If you are on We Rule go ahead and add me as a friend.  My username is jarofclay73.

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