Monday, May 4, 2009

Myst For The iPhone

I go WAY back with computer gaming.  I remember being really addicted to this text/graphic adventure on the old Commodore Amiga in the 1980's called "Borrowed Time."  I loved being able to explore a world and be able to solve a mystery.  It took a long time to figure out but the satisfaction afterwards is something I have not experienced for a while.

Text/graphic adventures eventually gave way to entirely graphical environments which culminated into the popular game "Myst."  As I got older, I could no longer sit at my computer for hours on end so playing that type of game was out of the question.

So, I was esctatic when I found out that Myst [iTunes link] had been developed for the iPhone.

Myst is a very HUGE game weighing in at a whopping 727 MB!  So, if you have "Assassin's Creed," "Tiger Woods PGA Tour" and "Myst" it will take up a solid GIGABYTE on your iPhone or iPod Touch!

I have to say I was a bit skeptical about the game.  I'm glad it is competitively priced at $5.99, unlike the premium $9.99 for most large games.

After experiencing a lot of the Myst world, I have to say that I'm hooked.  The learning curve is a little high, especially for those with little patience.  The great thing is that there is a link in the game that helps with hints if you are completely baffled.  I have to say that I used that for quite a bit until I got familiar with how the game worked.

One piece of advice:  have a pen (or pencil) and paper handy.  Nothing beats something you can refer to quickly.  Taking a snapshot with your iPhone also sometimes helps.

Although the graphics are nice, there is very little animation involved.  I find that to be a strength of the game since it utilizes less resources to run and getting around is faster if you're not in a totally 3D environment.

Along with the other games I bought this past weekend, this is highly recommended for those who are willing to have patience to be enveloped in an adventure.

Here's another great video from that shows Myst's gameplay.  Be warned though, it shows a LOT of spoilers!


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