Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We have Air...

I bought a brand-new MacBook Air in early July, mainly for work.  Having an iPhone is great and the iPad is really nice.  But, for my work, I need a computer with a mouse for the program I'm using.  And I need it to be mobile.  And Windows 7 on my desktop has been giving me problems.

I've always wanted a Mac somewhere in my arsenal and it seemed like a great time to add it.  I've resisted a laptop all these years because of the bulk and how heavy it can be.  Netbooks are nice but I also want the power to edit video and other advanced features.  Software is a little easier to get and  sometimes a lot cheaper on the Mac App Store.

This blog's name is not going to change.  I think a number of people do admirably well in the Mac arena and I'm a newbie.  But, I do welcome the change.  I'm also not in a hurry to upgrade to Mountain Lion.  But, I did send in for my free download.

I'm still a PC guy.  I don't think that will ever change.  But, I like having another ecosystem to pull from.

Picture courtesy of Apple