Monday, April 11, 2016

Finding a sweet spot for the price of the Apple Watch Sport

Courtesy: Apple

Apple is estimated to have sold 10.6 million of its Apple Watch in 2015.  That's a lot of wearables.  But, the device is nowhere near ubiquitous compared with the iPhone, the iPad or even the Mac.  I don't know many people who own and wear the Apple Watch everyday.

Recently, Apple dropped the price for its Sport models by $50.  That's a good start in finding a fiscal sweet spot for the device.  But, I think Apple can do more.
Even with the price drop, Apple's Sport models are $300 for the 38mm and $350 for the 42mm.  Those are hardly impulse-buying prices.

To encourage more sales, my suggestion would be to drop the price of the Apple Watch Sport by $100 if two Sport watches are bought in one transaction.  A couple might be able to buy the 38mm and 42mm Sport watches for $550.  That would bring the price down to sub-$300 levels for each watch.  I feel that could be the Apple Watch Sport's sweet spot.  Even, if it is two 42mm watches, the total price would be $600 and that would be exactly $300 each.

Buying one Apple Watch could be a drag, especially if you don't know anyone else who has one.  So, the special emoji, heartbeat and drawing features would go unused since you may not know anyone else who has an Apple Watch.   And those that do know someone with an Apple Watch may not want to send a heartbeat to that person.  Buying the Apple Watch Sport in pairs, especially for couples, makes sense.

I'm no market nor financial expert and I don't claim to be.  But, my thought here is to make the buy-in for the Apple Watch a little lower and it would also help Apple move the Watch a little faster because people will be buying them in pairs more often.

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