Monday, December 29, 2008

Where's The Cheapest iPhone 3G?

Although Wal-Mart is now selling the iPhone 3G for about $2 less than either the Apple Store or AT&T, it is still not the cheapest place to buy a brand new iPhone.

According to iPhone Hacks, Best Buy is now offering the iPhone 3G for either $189 (8GB) or $289 (16GB).

Still, the absolute cheapest place to buy a retail iPhone 3G is at AT&T.  It is now selling refurbished iPhone 3Gs for $99 (8GB) or $199 (16GB).  However, these are used and may have minor scratches and abrasions.  From what I have heard though, the refurbished iPhones are very good.

UPDATE 1: The Boy Genius Report says AT&T is offering refurbished iPhone 3Gs for $49 (8GB) and $149 (16GB) until tomorrow (12/31)!

UPDATE 2:  BGR says its source corrected the story - refurbs going for $99 and $199 as originally stated.


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