Saturday, April 5, 2014

Apple WWDC 2014 Logo Hint

I'm back!

The last time I blogged here, I got my MacBook Air.  I still have that MacBook Air and it's still the most reliable computer that I own.  I actually just got a new Asus tower.  While 16GB of RAM and 2 TB of onboard HD space are nice, Windows 8.1 has a lot of quirks that I have to get used to.  At least Windows has an app store, albeit it doesn't have the variety of apps that Google or Apple have.

Since the last time I blogged, here's what Apple released:
  • Three iPhones (5/5s/5c)
  • Two iPads (4th gen./Air)
  • Two iPad Minis (1st gen./Retina)
  • One Apple TV (3rd gen. Rev. A)
  • Two MacBook Pros
  • One MacBook Air
  • Two iMacs (each with 21.5"/27" displays)
  • One Mac Pro
  • One iPod Touch
  • One iPod Nano
I think that covers it.  Anyway, it's good to be back!

I posted the logo for this year's WWDC because I think it's a hint as to what we can expect.

The pixelated Apple logo with the iOS 7 color scheme reminded me of an article by BGR.  It talked about the next iPhone having not only a larger screen, but also a different type of screen technology.  It's called the Quantum Dot technology.

BGR says the Quantum Dot technology is already on the Kindle Fire HDX, but Apple's display is expected to deliver a wider color gamut than the HDX.  Generally, QD displays require less power, better brightness and a longer life.

Samsung is one of the major investors of this technology, so you can expect it on mobile phones later this year.  Although QD phones are expected by mid-year, BGR says Apple will have its own QD variant for the next iPhone.

Macworld UK thinks the logo is a foreshadow of a Retina MacBook Air.

Can't wait for the keynote is probably going to be on Monday, June 2 at 7 a.m. HST (10 a.m. PST).

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