Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The iPhone 4S It Is

It looks like an iPhone 4. It feels like an iPhone 4. For most anticipating the iPhone 5, it might as well be an iPhone 4. But it is the iPhone 4S.

Was there ever an iPhone 5? If there was, it hardly matters now. People are disappointed they didn't get their mythical iPhone 5. That teardrop shape is now in the shape of a real teardrop falling from their eyes.

Really, all of this grumbling is mostly over a cosmetic difference. A larger 4" screen and a slimmer, sexy exterior. I have to admit, I kind of bought into it myself. But, in the past month, I knew it was going to be the iPhone 4S alone because that rumor was the one that wouldn't go away. Plus, iPhone form factors usually survive for a full two years.

So what do I think about the iPhone 4S?

I have admit, the iPhone 4S is really hard to get excited about. iOS 5 is already bringing a lot of great features for the iPhone 4 and that update is free next Wednesday Why do I need to get an iPhone 4S?

I believe the feature that will blow everyone away is Siri.
Apple has taken voice recognition and voice commands on a smartphone to the next level. Check out this video by CNET:

Siri is the one feature that I really want to try out. I think that will be a great demo at the Apple Store.

The camera hardware is getting a better upgrade than I ever imagined. 5MP to 8MP. A fifth lens for better pictures. Better sensor. 1080p video recording. Image stabilization. Plus an improved camera app that comes with editing tools.

And especially for 3GS users, they will notice a really big performance boost with the A5 dual-core chip. That should last quite a while. I don't forsee smartphones getting into the quad-core chipset just yet.

If you're an iPhone 3G or 3GS user and need the performance boost or if you're a Sprint customer waiting all this time for an iPhone, I'd say it's time to upgrade to the iPhone 4S. Otherwise, most iPhone 4 users shouldn't feel the need to upgrade unless you REALLY want Siri in your life. Yes, this is an incremental upgrade from the iPhone 4, but I feel it's a better upgrade than the 3GS at the time that was released.

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