Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Have My Olloclip!

I have had a wonderful experience so far at the Kickstarter website.  Obviously, all of the products I'm interested in are iOS-related.

The first product I got from Kickstarter was the Glif.  Great product.  It's probably not something you'll use everyday (unless you shoot videos everyday), but it's highly useful when you need it and at $20 it's relatively inexpensive.

The second product I decided to invest in was the olloclip.  Since getting the iPhone nearly three years ago, I have become somewhat of a smartphone photography geek.  Just about every photo I have posted on Flickr is from an iPhone.  I started out with the 3MP iPhone 3G for two years.  Then, I got the 5MP iPhone 4.  Three months later, the camera app got a highly useful HDR function.  Now, the olloclip is the next step in iPhoneography.

The olloclip gives your pictures a more photographic look by using actual lenses to create the effects.

Friday, July 15, 2011

First Look: Spotify For iOS

You know how much of a geek I am?  I got my Spotify invite last night when I was waiting in line to see the midnight showing of "Harry Potter And The Death Hallows Part 2."  I had my Spotify account up and running and I was listening to music before I got into the theater.

You can go ahead and download the Spotify iOS app [iTunes link] and request an invite on the website.

So far, I like what I hear.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Steadicam Smoothee: The First Test

I love to take pictures and record videos on my iPhone 4.  And since iMovie for iPhone launched simultaneously with the iPhone 4 last year, I've been making videos and editing them on my iPhone and iPad.

The one thing I always run into when shooting videos is the ability to take smooth videos when walking.  Because the smartphone is so light it's hard to keep it steady when you're taking steps.

There have been some solutions over the years and even a do-it-yourself solution.  But this is the first one that I really like.  It's called the Steadicam Smoothee.  It's not cheap, though.  It retails for $199.99 but I got a pretty good deal on  Plus, I had some Rewards that really brought the price down for me.

The Steadicam Smoothee came in today and I tested it.