Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Best Movie App: Super 8

I just found the best movie app on the iPhone and it's called Super 8.  iPhone users love to take pictures.  And they love to shoot video.  Super 8 will appeal to those types of people.  Super 8 also takes advantage of the retro style that is "in" at the moment.

Now, I'm a little too young for the generation that actually used Super 8 film cameras.  Still, this app has the right feel.  It feels like an app that one could charge one or two dollars for.  Instead, it's free.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How To Use The iCloud NOW

So, were you impressed with Apple's WWDC keynote on Monday?  There was nothing really revolutionary about the vast majority of the new features of iOS 5, but they are necessary to the iOS evolution in the smartphone marketplace.  When iOS 5 comes out this fall, the workflow between your iPhone, iPad, laptop and desktop will be much smoother.

Can't wait to use the iCloud?  Well, a couple of features are already enabled so that anyone with an iOS device with version 4.3.3 can use iCloud.

For those who have already upgraded to iOS 5, this article is only about automatic downloads and downloading purchased apps, which has been available since June 2011.

Here are the latest articles about using iCloud with iOS 5:

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