Monday, December 15, 2008

Microsoft Makes An iPhone App

Who would've thought that Microsoft would be pioneering Apple iPhone apps? But they are. I believe a certain bar has been raised with the new Seadragon mobile app [iTunes link]. Seadragon is free in the App Store. For more information about what the Seadragon project is, check out this video:

At the same time, I think that Microsoft is also conceding that the iTunes App Store can no longer be ignored. EVERYONE makes iPhone apps now. Microsoft now joins other large tech sector companies like Google, Yahoo! and

I'm not a guy who cheers for either Microsoft or Apple. I just use what I feel maximizes my productivity at the lowest possible cost. For my desktop, I have a PC. And my mobile phone is an iPhone.

Anyway, I think that Seadragon is an awesome app and I hope to see really cool uses for it in the future. In a weird way, Seadragon shows off the BEST features of Apple's multitouch interface. I believe CONSUMERS win out when the best features of each company can coexist as in this example.


Roadkillgoop said...

thats pretty cool clay! i'm loading the app to my iphone now, hope it works as stable on the phone as a computer...

Clay said...

It's a really stable program. I think Photosynth is not working yet though.