Friday, July 23, 2010

There's An App For Your Free Bumper Or Case

Starting today, iPhone 4 owners can order their FREE bumper or case because of Antennagate.  Although I knew ordering your free bumper or case would have be associated with your Apple ID, I was surprised that Apple actually made an app for this.

It's called iPhone 4 Case Program [iTunes link] and you can find it for free in the App Store.

For those of you wanting to get a free white, pink, green, blue, or orange bumper will be disappointed.  The only bumper available through this program is black.

But, there is a good amount of normal cases available:

I chose the Griffin Motif because I feel it would be a very different case compared to what I already have.  Right now, I am using the Griffin Reveal and the iFrogz Luxe - Blue.  It says it will ship in 3 to 5 weeks.  I'm supposed to get an e-mail confirmation when it ships.  I'll post updates here when I get that e-mail and when I receive the case.

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