Friday, October 9, 2009

New App Friday

Tweetie 2 [iTunes link] - The app that caused an uproar after atebits announced that Tweetie 2 would not be a free upgrade and Tweetie 1 owners would have to purchase it for $2.99 is now in the App Store. It seems though that many people are quite satisfied paying the extra cash for the totally redone app. Here's what people are saying about it on Twitter: Tweetie trending. While it seems to be a significant upgrade to Tweetie, nothing about it makes me want to move from Twittelator Pro ($4.99) [iTunes link]. Tweetie 2 does NOT feature push notifications. Echofon Pro ($4.99) [iTunes link] actually does feature push notifications. And Boxcar ($2.99)[iTunes link] adds push notifications functionality for Twitter, Facebook and E-mail.

If you DON'T already have a Twitter application, Tweetie 2 is a great buy for what you get. Mobile [iTunes link] - Adobe has come out with a FREE mobile version of Photoshop, so there's really no good reason NOT to get it. It does a lot of basic functions: crop, flip, rotate, exposure, color saturation, tint, black & white, sketch & soft focus filters, and a number of basic effects. The user experience, however, is quite nice! To rotate your picture, you physically rotate it with your finger. A flick flips your photo in the direction to want to flip it. A lot of gestures are used making it user-friendly. On the other hand, I have the $.99 app called 101+ PhotoEffects [iTunes link] which has much more features aside from the basic editing. I'm thinking Adobe will eventually make a premium version of Photoshop that will simply blow away the competition.
Wild Things [iTunes link] - A cute app promoting the movie "Where The Wild Things Are." The best part of the app is the interactive Carol. You can do quite a few things to bother Carol and he/she/it will punch your screen! Here's a hint: aside from the onscreen icons, experiment with your accelerometer. It's free but it's a hefty 87MB.

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