Monday, June 9, 2008

My Next Mobile Phone... Probably

iPhone 3G
Twice as fast.
Half the price.

Apple's slogan for the second generation iPhone is quite appropriate since internet speed and price are most likely the two main reasons why people haven't yet bought an iPhone. Those are definitely my reasons.

Frankly, I hardly use the minutes on my cellphone. So, why am I getting an iPhone? Haven't you ever been out with friends and say, "Let's watch a movie!" But, no one knows the showtimes and, frankly, the internet browser on my cellphone is too unwieldy. So, basically, I want a fairly reliable wireless internet device. Having that combined with a cellphone makes perfect sense. I'm sure I'll be able to use all the other applications as well.

Now, I have to figure out - do I go with the ultra-cheap $199 8GB 3G iPhone? Or spend another $100 to get the 16GB 3G iPhone? I'm thinking I should get the 16GB version, since it's really cheap.

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K-dog said...

Spend the extra $100, go for the 16!