Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Met A "Real Weather Girl!"

There is an ambitious app for the iPhone and iPad called Real Weather Girls [iTunes link].  And since I work at KITV4, I was able to meet Colleen who is the Real Weather Girl in Honolulu.  She came on our morning show to promote the app.

Today, the video for her trip to KITV4 is now live in the Real Weather Girls app and I make a couple of appearances.

That's me in the black shirt and white shorts leading Colleen into the KITV4 studio.

This is me and Colleen posing for the picture we took at the beginning of this blog post.

And here's Colleen posing in front of our studio by the KITV4 sign.

To see the entire video and the rest of the videos from the Real Weather Girls around the world, you'll have to buy the app for $2.99.  I like Colleen's videos the most because her videos shows the beautiful weather of Hawaii as she does a lot of outdoor activities.

Here is a link to Colleen's segment on KITV4 News This Morning.  Colleen is also an artist and she loves to paint surfboards among other things.  Check out her website at Colleen Wilcox Art.  And if you would like to find out more about Real Weather Girls here is a link to the website.

If you already have the app or bought it after reading my blog, leave a comment for Colleen in one of her videos and tell her Clayton from KITV4 sent you!

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Colleen Malia Wilcox said...

Thanks Clayton! I had so much fun, everyone at KITV was so awesome! :)