Thursday, July 10, 2008

Apps I Want From The App Store

It's a day before the iPhone 3G comes out but people have found a way to take a look and even download new applications from the new Apple App Store on iTunes 7.7.

Here's some of the free apps I'm drooling over right now:

AIM - Yes, it's one of the ancient original instant messengers. America Online Instant Messenger now comes to the iPhone. Now, I gotta dig up my screen names. So, all these people complaining about getting charged for SMS messages and having no MMS support - forget that - use AIM! (But frankly, I can't wait for a Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger or Google Talk app.)

AOL Radio - Wow. Streaming radio on the iPhone. Forget FM tuners on cell phones. This is MUCH more sophisticated. Features more than 200 stations across the U.S. plus the 150+ CBS radio stations.

BoxOffice - I can locate the nearest theaters, check out showtimes and read reviews of the latest movies and even purchase tickets. This app is definitely up my alley.

eBay Mobile - Now we can snipe an auction from ANYWHERE our iPhone is! Great app to have while you're keeping track of that item you really, really, want. And when you win your auction you can pay for it by going to...

PayPal - Goes nicely hand in hand with eBay Mobile.

Exposure - A Flickr app. We'll see how this works. Supposedly you can take picture from within the app itself and then upload them to your Flickr account. I really want to see how the geotagging works with this program.

Facebook - I can go on Facebook from ANYWHERE!

Google Mobile App - Easy way to start Googling before even launching your iPhone browser.

Jott for iPhone - Get this... this app records your voice... then turns it into TEXT! It calls itself the ultimate mobile notepad.

midomi - You can hum or sing any tune and this app will identify it! You can even hold your iPhone up to a speaker and it will tell you what song it is and the artist! Amazing! Another similar app, Shazam.

MixMeister Scratch - You can scratch a virtual vinyl LP over any song in your iPhone.

Pandora Radio - Streaming music with a twist. Name one of your favorite artists, songs or composers and Pandora will create a "station" that plays similar music.

PhoneSaber - Who wouldn't want their iPhone to sound like a lightsaber?

Truphone - Make low cost international calls through Wi-Fi. Or use this for FREE if you're in a poor cell reception area.

YPMobile - Basically it's the Yellow Pages in your iPhone. Plus, it keeps track of community events!

These are just the FREE apps. Wait till I go through the ones you have to PAY for.

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