Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fun With The AR.Drone

 Why flying the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch-controlled quadricopter AR.Drone is hard in a small apartment:

Here's a screenshot of my iPad showing the front-facing camera and the camera underneath the AR.Drone in the upper left-hand corner:

There's three more camera modes:
Bottom camera full screen
Front camera full screen
Bottom camera main window, Front camera upper left


Caelan Cheesman said...

This latest gadget for the iPhone really is a must. Demand is high for this quadricopter and there is an enormous buzz all over the internet. Is this going to be the Christmas gift of 2010? I think it may be.

Clay said...


I agree. I think Brookstone is demoing the AR.Drone at its stores. This will definitely be on the short list for awesome Christmas gifts.

Add to that the new lineup of iPods, Apple TV, and the myriad of Android, WebOS and Win7 tablets yet to be released and this will be one of the best tech Christmases EVER!