Wednesday, November 12, 2008

iPhone No Longer A Status Symbol

So, you think your iPhone is still a device only for those rolling in the dough? Think again.
I'm sure by now you heard about the rumors that the iPhone 3G will be sold at Wal*Mart. I know that story angered those who feel that the iPhone should be a status symbol like a Mercedes.
Now, is reporting that Costco could be selling the iPhone 3G in January for $149.
Keep in mind that the iPhone started out at $599 when it debuted in June 2007. The 8GB 3G currently sells for $199 and the 16GB goes for $299. Evidently, the economic downturn has forced Apple to widen its consumer net.
Ultimately, this is good news for iPhone users because a bigger user base means more support for innovative software. And, hopefully, Apple will get its act together and give us everything they promised at the WWDC back in June 2008.

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Sebastien said...

It sounds stupid but I wish Apple released a more expensive/better version of the iPhone for people like me.

I miss having people come to me and say "OMG, is this an iPhone?". I really enjoyed the social status. But that's just me... I'm kinda superficial like that ;-)