Friday, November 14, 2008

Rebecca Mader: My New Favorite LOST Star!

On Friday, I was having a bad day. But, I'm much better now thanks to LOST star Rebecca Mader!
She accepted my friend request on Facebook today. Now, I have to admit that she might not accept EVERYONE'S friend request. But, luckily, I have a few friends already on her friend list so I suppose I was a safe acceptance.
Still, it DID make my day. At least I know Rebecca Mader does not feel she's above all of us "normal" people. And I do feel like I have some connections with LOST. I did get to visit the set for one day. I've met pretty much all the main cast members.
Now, I'm waiting for Yunjin Kim to accept my Facebook friend request....

EDIT: A reliable source has told me that the Yunjin Kim on Facebook is probably not the LOST actress. Oh well... I'm just glad to have met her in person... TWICE!

UPDATE: I just made a new "Lost" blog called Ben's Frozen Donkey Wheel. All of my thoughts on "Lost" will be there from now on.

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