Thursday, March 10, 2011

Looking At iPad 2 Accessories

Okay. I've decided to upgrade to the iPad 2.  I'm able to get some money from Gazelle to fund this project.  Plus, I have a nice tax return.  So which accessories do I want for the iPad 2 this time around?

Photos courtesy of Apple

Looking back at the last year of using the iPad, I'm a little sad that I didn't enjoy the iPad's sleek exterior more.  I always had a cover on it.  Most of the past year I used the Quirky Cloak and although I had the functionality of stands and maximum protection, it always made the iPad bulky and heavy.

That's why I'm using the Smart Cover for the iPad 2.  It gives me the ability to use the cover as stands in a lightweight package.  I also like that when you open the cover it automatically awakens the iPad from sleep.  The only drawback I can see right now is that the Smart Cover does not function as a portrait stand, which is my preferred way to read The Daily.  I'm going to get the polyurethane cover at $39 instead of the fake leather versions for $69 although I love the colors for the "leather" versions better.

So, how will I protect the back of the iPad 2?  Because I don't want to add bulk to my iPad 2 on a daily basis, I plan to use GelaSkins.  They look great and don't add very much bulk or weight.

Plus I will get the Apple Digital AV Adapter because I plan to do a lot of video mirroring on my HDTV.

Which accessories are you planning to get?

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