Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mid-July Wrap Of Free iPhone Apps

Signals [iTunes link] - This lets you mark your iPhone signal strength at a certain place on the map. Certainly helpful for people who want to know if they're going into a dead spot or not. Obviously, the success of this app depends on how many people actually log their signal strength. I'll do my best to post my signal strength whereever I am. It's free for a limited time.

MobileNavigator North America LITE [iTunes link] - This is possibly the first lite version of a voice-navigated turn-by-turn app. It's a huge download at 1.3 gigabytes. I actually had more than that amount of memory free on my iPhone but the App
Store kept saying it didn't have enough space. So, I deleted "The Matrix" off my phone. The maps are within the app itself (unlike other apps which get their maps through an internet connection) so that's why the size of the app is huge. Those who have a 32GB iPhone will definitely benefit from the extra space. Now, this app doesn't ACTUALLY work. It's only a demonstration. You can type in an address and it will simulate how it will guide you from the last location it left off from. You can choose a 3D or 2D map. You also have the option to show street names and there's a night mode so it's easier to see the screen at night. From what I can tell, it's a good app but I won't definitely know until I can try the real app. It's not out yet but its European counterpart is selling for $139.99. And that's cheap compared with actually getting a real GPS system.

Free Football Quarterback Throw [iTunes link] - This the latest in a long line of apps which I think will get someone's iPhone damaged. Now, you have to treat your iPhone like a football. Wait for the hike, or you get penalized, and then make a throwing motion, as if you're throwing a football. It will tell you if you scored a touchdown. Now, there seems to be a bug with the penalty. You hear the penalty but the screen says otherwise. Other than that, it's way too easy to score a touchdown. And I bet someday someone will actually THROW their iPhone.

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