Sunday, March 15, 2009

Top Movies I Want On Blu-Ray

With my first several Blu-Ray Disc purchases, I've bought more concert titles than movies because there aren't much movies I want to own that I already don't have on DVD.  And, I have a self-imposed rule:  if I want to buy a movie on Blu-Ray that I already have on DVD, I'll have to sell the DVD first.  So, I'm eBaying a few titles to get the hang of selling and then I'm going through my whole collection and see what I don't mind parting with.

Still, I noticed a lack of variety in the movies that are available on Blu-Ray.  Here's my top picks for movies or franchises I want to see released on Blu-Ray:

1. "Star Wars" - The movies that started my love affair for film.  Although I do want the original trilogy more than the prequel trilogy, I think I'd want all of them.
2. "Back To The Future" Trilogy - We had to wait a LONG time for this to come out on DVD and it would be no surprise if we had to wait just as long for the Blu-Ray.  These are movies that harken me back to my childhood.
3. "Fight Club" - This was one of the best DVD sets in the infancy of the format and it could be equally cool on Blu-Ray.  Fantastic visuals and a kick-ass soundtrack would make this movie a winner in HD.
4. "Indiana Jones" Trilogy - Although "Kingdom Of the Crystal Skull" is already out on Blu-Ray, I'm not so hot on it since I already have it on DVD (especially in my cool steelbook).  The real gems are the first three movies which would be awesome in HD.
5. "The Lord Of The Rings" Trilogy - While I would not appreciate buying more of this movie series (I have theatrical and extended editions on DVD), LOTR would look and sound really awesome on a big screen and in Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio.

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