Saturday, February 14, 2009

FREE iPhone Apps For HIM & HER!

Give the gift of an iPhone app on this Valentine's Day and there's an app for HIM and HER and both are FREE for a limited time!

For HIM -  iCatchall Tools: 9+ Apps In One [iTunes link] - Right now,
 there's 10 functions with this app, some more useful than others.  If you don't already own a file storage app, the one in this app will probably suffice.  It is not as good as DataCase or Air Sharing, but it's a steal if you can get this app for free.  Landscape mode is not supported in the file storage utility.  There's also a level (okay), Rock/Paper/Scisscors game (okay), flashlight
 (why did people pay for this?), ruler (both inches and centimeters), hourglass timer (which you already had with your iPhone clock), personal massager (okay), tip calculator (a barebones one) and the ridiculous "Remember 1 Thing" utility.  If you paid for a bunch of these apps already, I don't think this app will replace all of them.  But, if you want these functions and don't have it already this app is a great way to save space on your home page.

For HER - Soldes Lite [iTunes link] -  Here's a great
 app for that woman who loves to shop.  Soles Lite will help you to calculate multiple sale items so you can figure out how much you want to spend.  The Lite version can do up to three calculations.  You might want to pony up $.99 for the full version [iTunes link] if you need more than three.  I'm not a big shopper but I've been waiting for an app like this.  For the woman who loves her iPhone and shopping, I'm sure she'll like this app in addition to flowers and chocolates.

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