Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two New Streaming Video iPhone Apps

I found a couple of really cool apps today.  Both stream video without any additional hardware, unlike Orblive or the upcoming SlingPlayer.

Live Events [iTunes link]- Orb has outdone itself by providing a free streaming video app.  If you've read this blog before you know I'm a fan of Orblive - an iPhone app that lets me watch live television on my iPhone.  Well, the Live Events app is mainly just for live events.  When there are no live events planned, you can check out some streaming webcams.  In fact, it has the webcam for the Duke Kahanamoku statue right here in Waikiki!
You can view the streams with EDGE, 3G and Wi-Fi.
Although the webcams are filed under Wi-Fi, you can still check them out when you're on 3G.  Very good free app.  This is what the Ustream iPhone App should have been.

TVUPlayer [iTunes link] - The TVU Networks has come out with its own iPhone app called TVU Player.  Compared with Orblive, this app is not quite ready for primetime.  Many times the audio is not synched and the video is just bad.  It also only works with Wi-Fi.  I'm giving it somewhat of a pass though because there's no hardware encoding, unlike Orblive.  Plus, it's free.  I think with a little tweaking I think this could really be a very GOOD app that many people will want to download. Also, I've tried out quite a bit of channels.  You can actually watch more channels than listed in the iTunes description.  I'll wait and see if this app gets an upgrade before deleting it.

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