Saturday, November 1, 2008

Looks Matter More For Female Presidential Candidates? is reporting that a study by Northwestern university researchers show a female presidential candidate needs both looks and competence to win over the public, while male candidates can get by with only competence.
However, I believe in the modern age I think looks DID play a part in the presidential elections. Let's take a look back:

  • President Bush vs. Al Gore & John Kerry - To me, Gore and Kerry looked like the stodgy Republicans while Bush has always been loosey-goosey. Bush barely wins.
  • Bill Clinton vs. Bob Dole & Bush Sr. - No contest. Clinton wins hands down.
  • Bush Sr. vs. Michael Dukakis - I don't think ANY presidential candidate in the modern era had bushier eyebrows than Dukakis. This election was a case of "who's less uglier." Bush Sr. wins.
  • Ronald Reagan vs. Walter Mondale & Jimmy Carter - Who could look better than an actor from yesteryear? Reagan wins.
  • Jimmy Carter vs. Gerald Ford - Carter fares much better in this beauty contest. Carter wins.

Except for John F. Kennedy, looks probably did not play a huge role in presidential politics before the mid-70s. They all looked like stodgy old guys... and they liked it!

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Jules said...

That is too funny Clay...but you are right! Food for thought.