Monday, August 15, 2011

Google Buys Motorola Mobility

The story sending shockwaves throughout the tech industry today is Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility to strengthen the Android ecosystem.

Now, for the record, although I am an iOS user I support anyone who wishes to use the Android ecosystem.  I always tell people that I feel iOS works best for me and it may not work well for everyone.  I don't feel there is a mobile operating system that is better than all other operating systems, although some may disagree with that statement.

I applaud Google shoring up 17,000 patents with Motorola Mobility to defend itself from other companies like Microsoft and Apple.  That is smart.

After reading the news, I thought the take on all of this would be that Google is standing up to the tech giants like Apple and Microsoft and becoming a bigger player in the world tech market.  Sure, I found some of that take.  But, I was surprised that people are now worried that the Android ecosystem will be drastically changed.  And some of that is from the Android community itself.  Articles like this one could be spreading the panic amongst dedicated Android users.  I've even seen some Android users say that the reactions from the different Android vendors are so alike that it's obvious that Google gave them a cut-and-paste reaction.

I really don't want to buy into the panic.  I think what Android has done is good for the marketplace.  And this is from an iOS user.  What do you think?

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Rick said...

This sounds like the same panic that occurred when they had the Nexus One in the works. Obviously nothing much happened with their plan to sell the Nexus One exclusively in the Google Store. I don't know much, but all I know is I am hoping whenever the Nexus 3 is officially announced, it will be on a network I can use. At this point, I am more concerned about the AT&T takeover of TMobile. :P