Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday's Free iPhone Apps

ICQ [iTunes link] - The grandfather of all instant messaging clients now has an iPhone app.  I used to have an ICQ number way back.  But since I haven't used it, it looks like they erased it.  Well, I can still use my AIM account with this app.  But, really, until push notifications come out or Apple decides to allow one program to run in the background all instant messaging apps, with the possible exceptions of BeejiveIM and Palringo, are fairly useless.  But, it doesn't hurt to get ready before Apple makes that announcement.

TapeMe Voice Recorder with File Transfer [iTunes link] - You should grab voice recorder apps while they are free.  They usually don't stay free for very long.  This one is very simple.  It was easy to record my voice and the clarity was good.  If you have  a Mac with Wi-Fi, you can wirelessly transfer your audio to your computer (after downloading their client for your desktop).  Having a Windows client would make this app much better.

FedEx Mobile For iPhone [iTunes link] - If you use FedEx a lot and you already have a login with its website, then this app is for you.  You can track your packages the iPhone when you're on the go.  Remember, this app requires a login so register beforehand.  While this is not useful for me right now, I can see this being used for business.  And any app that makes the iPhone a better business phone is great in my book.

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