Friday, June 6, 2008

Microsoft Should Hush Until iPhone 2 Debuts

In my neverending quest to find the ultimate smartphone that has seamless wireless internet access, I stumbled upon this article from Microsoft Should Hush Until iPhone 2 Debuts.

MS is boasting that more Windows Mobile phones have sold in the last four quarters than RIMM's infamous Blackberry line and growth in the last quarter over the past year is more than sales of Apple's iPhone.

But, the writer is saying that MS should keep its mouth shut until the new iPhone debuts next Monday at Apple's Developers Conference. Everyone is expecting the iPhone 2.0 which should have 3G internet speeds, GPS navigation and better compatibility with PC products.

Although Microsoft wants a smartphone in every pocket, Apple may be able to do that first if the new iPhone indeeds sells for $200 a pop (with a $200 instant rebate).

So, all eyes and ears will on the new iPhone this Monday.

My cousin in Oregon just got a new Blackberry Curve from her company this week. Although it is better than her current phone, I'm not entirely impressed with it for myself.

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