Saturday, June 7, 2008

Awesome New Cellphones Coming Out Soon

If you're in the market for a new cellphone, my suggestion is to WAIT.
Here's the rundown of the next generation of cellphones that will change the way we view wireless access:
  • iPhone 2.0 - Steve Jobs will be unveiling this new product on Monday, June 9th at around 7 a.m. HST. The big upgrade is its ability to access faster 3G internet speeds, which was the downfall of the initial model. People have also speculated that there will be GPS, compatibility of MS Exchange and even an iTunes store application. There have also been rumors that the 8GB version could be sold for $200 out of pocket with a $200 instant rebate. If that is the case, I'm probably getting one. For now, it will probably be exclusive with AT&T in the U.S. After Monday's announcement, it could ship in the next several weeks or as late as July.

  • Samsung Instinct - This is Sprint's iPhone competitor. There's already video of the Instinct on YouTube. Its main difference from other Samsung products is its full body touchscreen. It has broadband internet speeds using EV-DO, GPS navigation, Sprint Music Store, Sprint TV, Sprint Radio, Visual Voicemail, digital music player, 2.0MP camera with 2x zoon, video camera, bluetooth compatibility, web browser and it can be used as an internet modem with other wireless devices like a laptop. Sprint's monthly fee will be $100 for everything. It will ship on June 20. The price is expected to be about $300 or less.

  • Blackberry Thunder - This is the name people have given for RIMM's entry into the touchscreen media-driven cellphone. Only rumors exist at this point. But, you can bet that it will probably have everything the iPhone and Instinct has and it will already be business-useful as the rest of the Blackberry line. I know the Bold is scheduled to come out but I don't think it will compete directly against these other touchscreen phones. Until an official announcement is made, we won't know anything about when this is coming out. We'll see how the Bold does first.

  • Google Android - Now, this is not a particular cellphone but rather software for an iPhone-like interface. And Google will be leading the charge for any cellphone company willing to buy the rights. I suspect this will compete with Windows Mobile 6 and any other Microsoft creation thereafter. has some mind-blowing videos that shows off its capabilities. The most popular application was the street level, virtual world GPS. After watching the videos, I could almost say I like this interface more than Apple's. Like Windows Media 6, this could possibly be available with many cellphone manufacturers and wireless providers. Google says it plans to have the first Android cellphones ship out in the fourth quarter of this year.

I intentionally left out phones like the LG Vue, because I don't think it's up to par with the iPhone.

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