Thursday, October 6, 2011

Real Racing 2 Gets Multi-Screen Update

Apple Insider is reporting that the Real Racing 2 franchise on the iPhone and iPad is getting a major update next week as iOS 5 is released.  You will be able to play with one to three other players in a multi-screen mode:

So what do you need to make this happen?
  • You need an Apple TV to wirelessly stream your devices through AirPlay.
  • You need an iOS device with an A5 processor.  Right now, that would be the iPad 2 with iOS 5 or the iPhone 4S.  That device needs to host the multi-player, multi-screen game.  All other devices just need to have iOS 5.
  • The latest version of Real Racing 2/Real Racing 2 HD coming out next Wednesday.
  • A big screen HDTV.  I have a 46" Sony.  I think any smaller than 40" will feel cramped, especially in four-player mode.
I'm REALLY looking forward to this.  I just need to find another person who has Real Racing 2 on iOS.

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