Sunday, March 1, 2009

FREE March iPhone Apps

There are a LOT of great free apps available for the iPhone today:

Pharos IV Assault Lite [iTunes link] - This is a very well done first-person space shooter.  Once you calibrate your iPhone with the game and get used to the controls it's a lot of fun.  Those who are used to flight simulators will have an easier time than the casual gamer.  My only complaint is the small firing button in the upper right-
hand corner.  FREE

Tiki Towers Lite [iTunes link] - It's a cross between Lemmings and Touch Physics.  You use the touchscreen to build a bamboo bridge for these monkeys to grab bananas.  However, you cannot let them die so you need to build a safe bridge.  Great graphics and a lot of fun!  FREE [iTunes link] - Stream your favorite CBS and CW shows on your iPhone through 3G or Wi-Fi.  The quality is not that good but it's free and it's convenient.  One episode of "CSI:Miami" was in a stretched 16x9 mode, which was distracting.  Other shows were nicely letterboxed.  One nice thing is that each episode is separated into several clips which makes loading faster.  It also includes videos from Showtime, CNet, Gamespot and more.  FREE

Guitarist's Reference [iTunes link] - If you are a serious guitarist, you should get this app.  I don't think I need to explain this app.  It's FREE and it's awesome.

SkyFighter Lite [iTunes link] - Another great vertical scrolling
 shoot'em-up game similar to 1942.  I like the way you use the accelerometer to control your plane.  Ammo is limited but you've got missiles and one nuke.  Fun if you like this type of game. FREE

Tapes [iTunes link] - And, finally, here's yet another free recording app.  This one is great for those who remember using the old cassette tape recorders.  You record, rewind, fast-forward, play and even eject your "tape."  Each different voice file is a different cassette.  It's easy to use and very cute.

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