Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday iPhone App Roundup

SpaceX [iTunes link] - If you like vertical space shoot'em ups, you have to get SpaceX which is FREE for a limited time.  You can move up/down & left/right in the entire 2D space and it autoshoots for you. What's cool are the weapons you can buy as you level up.  It's the most fun on a shoot'em up game since Space Deadbeef.

Killer Pool Lite [iTunes link] - Killer Pool gets the lite treatment with a free version of its game.  It's a very good pool game.  But, it doesn't encourage me to delete Vegas Pool Sharks Lite.  Still a worthwhile download if only to try it.

DeloriCam [iTunes link] - While it has a name and logo that is reminiscent of the movie "Back To The Future," it has a very practical use.   It takes a picture 5 frames from the past and 5 frames into the future.  Then, you select the least blurry picture to save.  While that is really cool, it also plays an animation of the 10 frames and gives us a preview of how well an iPhone video camera app could work.

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