Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Latest FREE iPhone Apps Worth Downloading

As we get closer to Christmas, there are a slew of great FREE apps available for download on the App Store.  Here's a quick rundown:

AccuWeather.com [iTunes link]- As much as I loved The Weather Channel app, AccuWeather.com is actually slightly better.  AccuWeather has everything that The Weather Channel has plus a nice backdrop showing the general state of the weather, similar to the popular HTC weather app, and an animated doppler.

Crystal Defenders Lite [iTunes link] - Square Enix, publisher of the popular Final Fantasy series, has made an iPhone game called "Crystal Defenders."  That app is $7.99 but you can try it out for FREE with the Lite version.  I was never a big fan of Final Fantasy but this game is okay for being a mobile phone game.  This doesn't push the limits of the iPhone's capability but I found it somewhat entertaining.

Space Deadbeef [iTunes link] - This has been one of the most downloaded free games but I thought I should mention it here.  Beautiful graphics combined with an interesting touch screen interface makes this a winner as a free game.

Dragon Force Light [iTunes link] - This is another vertical shoot'em up iPhone game.  There's only one level but you can try out its interesting interface:  your ship auto-shoots, you tilt your iPhone to move your ship left and right, and you occasionally touch the screen to fire a massive laser.  The paid version is not yet out as of this writing but I assume it is coming.

Animoto Videos [iTunes link] - This is my FAVORITE free app as of late.  Animoto Videos makes a video slideshow of between 8 and 16 photos you have on your iPhone.  Although you can only choose the music the app provides, it is a very good app considering it is free.  A paid app that lets you choose your own music would definitely be a big hit.  Your video slideshow is uploaded to a site and if you register online, you can embed the video on a blog like this one.  Check out the video I made:


mrarlen said...

Thanks for all the reviews and fun stuff Clayton!
I enjoy reading your posts.

Merry Christmas!

Sebastien said...

I LOVE Animoto! Although I won't use it everyday, it's without a doubt my favorite app this month!