Monday, December 1, 2008

Samsung SC-MX20 Unboxing

I finally made the plunge and bought a video camera! So, hopefully I'll have better-looking video reviews from now on. Here's a little video I made on the unboxing of the Samsung SC-MX20. Later, I'll post some test video and also my take on how the video camera is working for me.


slowierdork said...

cool stuff Clay, I look forward to see what else u review and what else happens here, now that is should be in higher resolution too!

Samsung SC-MX20 review said...

Samsung SC-MX20 looks quite simple and decent. It is available in silver with options of blue accents, red accents, black accents or all white. It has a compact design and fits easily in the pocket. The video quality is very mediocre. This camcorder is specially for people looking to buy under a budget. People who have money should not opt for this as there are many better options available.