Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New iPhone Announcement: October 4

How about we all stop the iPhone rumors and wait until next week Tuesday to see what the latest iPhone announcement will bring us?

Yes, this morning Apple started sending out the invitations.

The graphic is not so subtle: "Let's talk iPhone" is the caption; there is a notification on the phone icon; the calendar icon simply shows the date of the event; the clock icon shows the time; and the map icon shows Apple's Cupertino campus (as the iPhone/iPad icon always does).

Since I'm not getting the next iPhone, I'm mostly waiting to see when iOS 5 will be released.

But for many, especially those with the iPhone 3GS who patiently passed by the popular iPhone 4 for this latest model, it is time to upgrade.

Although at one time it was believed that two iPhones would be released and the iPhone 5 would get a larger screen and a slimmer body, the consensus now is that there will be one new iPhone release (as usual) and it will not be a major redesign.  This would be a big win for iPhone accessory makers who spent countless time and money to get products on the market.  This would also be in line with iPhone history as major redesigns are usually every other year since the iPhone 3G was released.

Here's more interesting iPhone news as it relates to the new iPhone:

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