Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Trip To The North Shore

I decided to brave the crowds yesterday and take a drive to the North Shore of Oahu where people were going to see the big surf. Also, I went to really put my new Samsung SC-MX20 to the test. I found that the best surf was at the (in)famous Banzai Pipeline. Here's a quick video I put together of the surf there. As usual, click on the video while it's playing to go to YouTube to watch the high quality version:

Using my Samsung camera, I also did a time lapse of my drive from the North Shore to Kalihi through Windward Oahu. However, I chose one frame per 30 seconds and in the 90 minute drive I ended up with only 5 seconds! I guess I should've done more like one frame per 5 seconds. Well, I looped it about 4 times and here's the video of that:


Sebastien said...

Wow, that's scary!!! So, did you paddle out??

Clay said...

No, I'm not a surfer! I stayed as far back as I could. Luckily my camera has a really good zoom. :)