Saturday, June 28, 2008

My New Exercise Plan: Urban Hiking

Today, I started a new exercise regiment. Every Saturday, I'm pledging to do what I call Urban Hiking. Eventually, I want to be able to walk from my house (N. King St. & Kokea St.) to Kahala Mall. I've done it before. That's 6.7 miles. I'll probably start nice and early in the morning like around 8 or 9 a.m. After I get to Kahala Mall, I'll just catch the bus home.
Today, I walked from my house to S. King St. & Isenberg, which is about 4 miles and some change. I stopped because the basketball shoes I was wearing was not agreeing with my feet. I gotta remember to use my low cut shoes next week.

To make my walks a little more fun, I'm going to incorporate the cool features of my future iPhone. There is an application called FlickrExport that I will use for my walks. I will take pictures of landmarks I pass and upload it to Flickr. It will also upload the exact GPS bearing of each picture as well so you can track my walk. I'll make these photos available to anyone who reads my blogs.

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