Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Field Of Dreams

This is the kind of story movies are made of. I'm not sure if college sports has known a bigger underdog than the 2008 Fresno State Bulldogs, who beat the Georgia Bulldogs 6-1 in the final game of the College World Series.
Fresno State was battling history and the stigma of the Western Athletic Conference (of which Hawaii is a part of).

Unlike many other low-ranked teams in the past, the West Coast Bulldogs won EVERY elimination game they faced in the regionals, super regionals and then in the College World Series. What makes the story even more compelling is that the team lost their best player before the postseason.

Although I was rooting for our WAC Champion, I wouldn't be totally truthful if I wasn't also rooting AGAINST Georgia for their rude fans and coaches that ran up the score at the Sugar Bowl. If they didn't know what "bachi" meant then, I hope they know it now. They just got AMBUSHED by a WAC team!

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