Thursday, December 24, 2009

Apps Of Note As We Head Into Christmas

Tap Tap Revenge 3 [iTunes link] is now FREE if you ever wanted it and $.99 was just too much for you. Being a Tap Tap Revenge veteran I was a little disappointed. On my iPhone 3G, there was a HUGE performance hit. Also, the game has changed so much I sometimes couldn't tell if I was getting it right. Rock Band surely has spoiled me.

If you like search apps, especially VOICE search apps, look no further than Dragon Search [iTunes link]. It is FREE and it is as good, if not better, than its competitiors Google [iTunes link] and Bing [iTunes link] . The voice recognition is top-notch. You can search over Google, Bing or Yahoo!, YouTube, Twitter, iTunes and Wikipedia.

I'm a little wary of buying Need For Speed: Shift [iTunes link]. I feel like I got burned with Need For Speed: Undercover as it was less of a racing game and more of a Grand Theft Auto wannabe. Shift looks like the pure racing game. But, I'm happy right now with Asphalt 5 and Gameloft racing games are more to my liking. Also, a lot of people say there's a huge performance hit if you're not using a 3GS. Asphalt 5 is borderline. I tried to play with the free version of NBA Live and that was unplayable. Ah... to wait for the new iPhone. Shift is selling for $6.99.

Space Ace on the iPhone was tons of fun and a great port of a game that still looks impressive to this day. Now, there is the granddaddy laserdisc game of them all in the App Store - Dragon's Lair [iTunes link]. It has a decent price of $4.99. But, I have SO many games that I still need to play, so I can wait patiently for a price drop. Great nostalgic walk down memory lane, though.

But, the game that's been on my mind is Paperboy [iTunes link]. Loved the original arcade game. I would be happy if it was an exact port. The screenshots, however, look less than enticing. If this was a Gameloft game, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I'll wait for a price drop and review it later.

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