Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Am Jailbroken!

I was kind of bored tonight. Sure, I could have gone out and made an impulsive tech purchase. Or, I could jailbreak my iPhone! Jailbreaking the iPhone is FREE.

It was easy. I just followed a BlackRa1n tutorial available from my friends at the iPhone Download Blog. My carrier is AT&T so I didn't have to unlock.

I downloaded Cydia and Rock listings for jailbroken iPhones. Since Cydia is the more popular one, I stuck with that for my initial customization.

I downloaded Categories, Winterboard, Cycorder and Qik.

Here's how the first page of my homescreen looks:

The theme is called Blue Thunder and it put in all those wonderful icon replacements. The Wi-Fi icon is replaced by the Apple logo and the Acura logo replaced the AT&T logo.

This is my lock screen. It's an Acura TSX, which I am leasing (and will eventually purchase). The brighter the headlight, the stronger the battery life. The target on the bottom is where I swipe to unlock the iPhone. When you swipe, a fingerprint appears which is a nice touch.

I added everything I want to for now. I'll take this jailbreaking thing slow. I'll share good stuff I find in Cydia or the Rock on this blog.


Sebastien said...

Yeahhhhh! Finally... Congrats. I would love it if you wrote a quick post for the blog where you would explain why you did it, how and what your impressions are.

Clay said...

Definitely! I'll work on it right now.