Sunday, January 11, 2009

Windows 7 - Installed!

I'm one of them: a desktop PC user and an iPhone user. That's because I'm cheap. I build my own PCs from scratch at really cheap prices.

I'm usually never on the bleeding edge of technology. I even waited for the 3G version of the iPhone to come out. But, Windows 7 intrigued me. It's not only an upgrade but it's FASTER and BETTER. With the Vista debacle, I had to check this one out.

I installed Windows 7 in a different partition from Windows XP so I could keep both operating systems going at the same time. The one downside of doing that is that I don't have access to ANY of the programs in the C drive for XP. But, I figure that uninstalling Win7 will be much easier. My McAfee virus program was not compatible with Win7 so I had to install a trial version of Norton.

I chose a really cool desktop theme called "Landscapes." It shuffles around several desktop backgrounds and you can set how often you want it to change. The default was every 30 minutes but I chose for it to change every day. If you also notice in the picture above I chose a clear theme for the trim around the browser windows. Very cool.

So far, it is FAST. It seems even faster than XP. Although I don't have all the program running in the background as I do with XP. Still, it feels very stable. More to come...

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