Saturday, October 31, 2009

NBA Games LIVE On Your iPhone!

Would you like to watch ANY NBA gave live on your iPhone over 3G or Wi-Fi? Yes!
But would you pay $40 for the app? Hmm...

The paid version of NBA Game Time 2009-2010 is really great for the casual fan. It features live audio of every game and video clips of highlights after the fact - all for $9.99.

But NBA League Pass Mobile [iTunes link] is definitely for the hardcore NBA fan since you can actually watch the television broadcast of every game. It also comes with a hardcore price of $39.99. But, if you compared that with other sports could this be a good deal?

Out of the three top American sports, the only one I can compare it to is Major League Baseball has an app much like the NBA that features live game audio and video clips for $9.99. But, if you wanted to watch the live television broadcast, you'd have to shell out $.99 per game or subscribe to The cheapest subscription is $14.95 a month or $79.95 a year. But the caveat here is that you can watch the game on your computer as well as your iPhone. It appears that NBA League Pass Mobile only allows you to watch games on your iPhone/iPod Touch.
The NFL has an exclusive arrangement with Sprint for its mobile app. But, looking through its features it doesn't seem to support live television broadcasts of every game. I really hope that the NFL would dump their Sprint contract and just do an app for the Apple App Store, Android App Store, BlackBerry App Store, etc.

Like the MLB version, some live television broadcasts on NBA League Pass could be blacked out in your area. For example, if you live in Los Angeles you wouldn't be able to see the live broadcasts of the Lakers and Clippers on your iPhone. I'm lucky since I'm in Hawaii and we have no NBA team so ALL of the games are at my disposal.

I'm not enough of a hardcore fan to buy this app. But, some may find it useful and entertaining. Especially if you never get the game you want on cable.

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