Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ding, Dong, DRM Is Dead!

Maybe it's the economy or the fact that iTunes rules the music industry now, but Apple has decided to do away with DRM (Digital Rights Management) restrictions on songs sold in the iTunes music store.  That means new songs you buy should be able to play on players that accept the AAC format or iTunes can convert it to MP3s for you.

On the other hand, song pricing isn't just the $.99 flat rate anymore.  It can now range from $.69 to $1.29.  Plus, you can choose to upgrade your whole library to non-DRM music but at $.30 per song.

Still, I think this is a great day for music lovers.  You actually now OWN the music you buy.  And please BUY music so that we don't have to do DRM or Napster all over again!

For iPhone users, you can also now BUY songs in the iTunes app through the cellular network and not just over Wi-Fi.

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