Thursday, August 27, 2009

Facebook 3.0 Now Available

The long-awaited 3.0 version of Facebook for the iPhone is now available in the App Store.

I have to say that the previous version was so gimped it was only a sliver of what Facebook offered on the web. In fact, I found myself going to the web app instead because of so many bugs. In recent months, the Facebook app has had a hard time loading my profile. And I've almost always had a problem with the Inbox not correctly showing that I have read the latest message.

Well, it seems that all of the above have been fixed and there have been more functionality added. You can now see your events and friends' birthdays. You can also write new notes straight from your iPhone. And the news feed is just much, much better. You can also bookmark your favorite friend pages.

With this new main menu, it appears there's much room for even more expansion. The only thing this app DOESN'T do is play those flash games, which is fine by me.

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