Wednesday, June 17, 2009

AT&T Gives In To iPhone 3G S Upgrading Furor

Evidently, the anger over many iPhone 3G users not being able to upgrade to the latest 3G S coming out Friday came to a head on Wednesday.

AT&T announced it would relax its upgrade policy for iPhone 3G owners who would be eligible for an upgrade this July, August and September. That means they can buy an iPhone 3G S for the subsidized price starting Thursday.

UPDATE: I've been told by iPhone 3G owners who had their device for about a year that they were able to upgrade to 3G S. If you've been paying $100 or more (before taxes and fees) a month, you're eligible.

This doesn't affect me at all, since I'm not eligible until March 2010. But, I suppose it satisfies a lot of people who will become eligible in the coming months (I guess they can't wait, can they?).

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