Friday, April 24, 2009

Radical New iPhone Games!

I've bought a few great iPhone games that I think will REALLY push the mobile gaming envelope.

2XL Supercross [iTunes link] - I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a big fan of games that look good.  And so far, 2XL Supercross has got to be one of the best-looking iPhone games out there.  The physics of the game is awesome and it's quite different from other racing games out there.  The controls take some getting used to, but once you get going you're going to get some serious air time.  At 67.2MB, it's a very deep game for the $7.99 you pay for it.

Glyder [iTunes link] - Okay, so you fly around picking up crystals.  Doesn't sound too enticing, but I found it strangely challenging and fun.  I love the 3-D world where you can fly between islands.  Makes it seems like a really huge game.  Also, the graphics are quite amazing for a 7.9MB  game.  However, rebooting your iPhone before starting up is a good idea since it crashed on me every time I didn't reboot.  I purchased this game at an introductory price of $.99 but it also seems that its regular price of $1.99 isn't that bad either.

Trivial Pursuit [iTunes link] - Well, if you like Trivial Pursuit you'll like this game.  I normally don't like quiz games but I like the challenge of Trivial Pursuit.  This iPhone version doesn't give as much eye candy as the other Electronic Arts board game Monopoly.  But, at $4.99, I think it's a steal.  Let's face it.  A lot of iPhone games require that you physically get into the game.  While using the accelerometer is a fun and engaging way to play games, sometimes you're just tired.  That's when I play Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit.

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