Saturday, December 20, 2008

USA TODAY: iPhone App

There's not a whole lot of good news apps available for the iPhone.  My favorite one is the AP Mobile News Network but even that app has some performance issues.  News USA is also good because of the variety of news organizations it supports. However, it lacks a good aesthetic.  And the NYTimes app is just unreliable.

I think USA TODAY [iTunes link] is giving AP a run for its money.  I love that on the "Headlines" page there is a current temperature and current conditions in the upper right hand corner.  The Weather Channel does the forecasting for this app, and it even has national maps which The Weather Channel® app does not have.

Although it's nice to have sports scores, that's all there is - scores.  No box scores.  The pictures section feels like the AP app.

And one of the best interactive features is the section called "Snapshots" where you can vote in online polls.  You can see the overall, state and city voting results.

The only feature USA TODAY doesn't really have is the video support like AP.  But, USA TODAY is much easier on the eyes and it may be a little more useful on a day-to-day basis.  Plus, many of the USA TODAY articles are ports from the AP anyway.

I'm not ready to delete the AP app just yet but I think USA TODAY could someday supplant AP as the best iPhone news app with a few more updates.

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