Thursday, October 9, 2008

Preview Of iPhone OS 2.2

So, it's October. No push notifications, cut & paste functions, stereo Bluetooth capability and voiced turn-by-turn navigation. That's what I want in that order.
But, I'm calm. I'm not raising my voice. I don't see the purpose in getting mad about things like this.
Still, the Google Android OS, the Blackberry Storm and the Nokia 5800 are about to put a LOT of pressure on Apple to get more functionality on the iPhone. Push notifications alone would make the iPhone 1000% more usable. In fact, all instant messaging apps, save for Fring and BeeJiveIM, are practically useless because none of them work in the background and push notifications alone would take care of that.
So what ARE we getting in the iPhone OS 2.2? By the way, none of these have been officially confirmed:
  • Redesigned Google search in the Safari browser and different look for the App Store on the iPhone. It's cool but, really, who cares?
  • Preference to turn off auto-correction. I really like auto-correction. It's the one thing that makes typing on the iPhone so much easier and faster. But, it's not good if you want to text in Ebonics.
  • Emoji support. That's basically "emoticons" in Japanese. By the way, I'm of Japanese ancestry and I think emoji is quite silly. I NEVER heard a lack of emoticons as a reason in the U.S. why someone would not buy the iPhone. But, I'm sure anyone who texts or e-mails frequently will find many uses for it. I wonder if my Twitter app will support emoji? A lack of emoji was cited as the main reason why the iPhone isn't catching on in Japan.
  • Google Street View. Probably the most interesting feature in 2.2. It allows you to see the map at street level as if you were really there. Check out this YouTube video:

Somehow, I have a feeling Google Street View won't be supported in Honolulu. I can hope, though. UPDATE 10/10/2008: Google Maps does not support Street View in Hawaii.
In the end, I do feel that 2.2 is a relatively weak upgrade considering the other functions that the iPhone really needs. I guess the faster we get to 2.2, the faster we will get to the other functions.

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