Sunday, October 26, 2008

Next Time You Go To Outer Space, Leave Behind The Scotch Tape has an interesting article about our favorite adhesive: Scotch® Tape. Evidently, Scotch® tape emits X-rays when you peel it off the roll. But, here's the catch: it only happens in a vacuum.
I'd love to see the conversation before the scientists figured this out:

Scientist #1: Scotch® tape... I bet I could find a way this could be hazardous to people!
Scientist #2: Oh really? Bet you $5 you can't!
Scientist #1: You're ON! Uh... let's start with unraveling the tape in a vacuum...
Actually, the article goes on to say that this discovery could lead to inexpensive X-ray machines for paramedics or in places where electricity is at a premium.

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