Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Drive Car In-Game Before Real World

USA Today is reporting Nissan will show off its new 370Z in the game "Need For Speed Undercover" months before it hits the showroom.
The game will be released in stores on Nov. 18.
This comes on the heels of the campaign for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama buying ad space in an X-Box 360 video game.
We've seen software makers advertise their own games in other games they create. Third-party advertisers, however, are a completely different story. The idea of advertising in a completely virtual world is quite bold if you ask me.
Hopefully, this could lead to the underwriting of software to make games cheaper for the consumer. But, I know that's not realistic.

I plan to buy the iPhone app version of "Need For Speed Undercover" and I'll review it here when it is released.


Jules said...

Just out of curiosity, how many iPhone apps do you have? Does the phone have THAT much memory?

Clay said...

I have the 16GB iPhone which means it has about 14GB of free space. With all the music, videos, and apps I have about 5GB leftover.

I have a LOT of apps! 98 on my iPhone and even more that's in my iTunes