Thursday, October 16, 2008

Can't Wait For The BrightKite iPhone App!

Social networking is HUGE for iPhone users. The Facebook and MySpace apps are some of the most popular apps. There's a long list of Twitter apps available. BeeJiveIM is the most expensive social networking app for the iPhone, but people are willing to pay $15.99 for a great program. And, Fring took it another step forward by including Skype and other VOIP capabilities on the iPhone.

I believe the next social internet network to benefit from a native iPhone app is BrightKite. I have found that it is superior to Loopt, which is a similar app. BrightKite has many features similar to Facebook, but it is more location-based. When I tried out the BrightKite webapp, I knew it was a perfect candidate for the iPhone's GPS hardware. Hopefully, it will turn up in the App Store soon.

Here's a video of the BrightKite iPhone app in action:


Sebastien said...

I saw this video earlier on Ars Technica. Is brightkite the one social network for iPhone that we've been waiting for? I sure hope so because I think Loopt is kinda week and Facebook is just... well, Facebook.

Clay said...

I know I am. My Loopt friends directed me to the BrightKite webapp. While the webapp was cool, you had to jump through hoops to post a photo and NOT using the iPhone's GPS is just criminal. I know the native app will take care of those problems. So, yes, I believe BrightKite will offer the best of both worlds in Loopt and Facebook.
By the way, I think I will work on an article for the iPhone Download Blog this weekend. I haven't had much sleep this week and work has been hectic.

Sebastien said...

I know, I've been following you on Twitter and realized you've been working hard this week. Like this morning... going to work before work is not human! unless you like your job, which I'm sure you do.